All For Good (Author Unknown)

All things work for good together
Unto those who love their God.
Oh, the perfect peace and comfort

In that precious, blessed word.
Word so small, yet word so mighty,
Come what will, whate'er befall,
Aught that touches or comes nigh thee,
Lies within that wondrous "all."

Things of joy and things of gladness,
We so quickly understand,
And with grateful hearts acknowledge
They are from our Father's hand.
For "good gifts" He oft-times giveth
When, on Him, His children call;
And, undoubting, we received them--
Lie they not within the "all"?

But one day there falls a shadow,
And a break comes in the song,
And from hearts with sorrow burdened
Breaks the cry, "O Lord, how long?"
Listen--'midst the storm and tempest
Softly on thine ear shall fall,
Love's sweet whisper, "Child remember,
This, too, lies within the 'all.' "

So, beloved, think not strangely
Of the trials along your way,
"Thy God reigneth"! and controlleth
Each event of every day.
And when in that scene of glory
We around His throne shall fall,
Then -- ah, then! we'll know in fulness,
Love alone was in the "all."



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