A Day in the Life of a Loving Father

Daddy comes home from working all day,
Relieved to finally be there to stay!
As he trips over the toys all over the floor,
His family appears with hugs galore!
Supper is on the table Mom has made,
But the dog grabs Dad’s steak unafraid.
As he opens a window for air, it breaks;
Boy, is his head beginning to ache!
Now Mom needs Dad to run to the store;
As he walks out the door, it begins to downpour.
When he gets back, Mom tells him her day’s woes;
While on the sofa, Dad rubs her aching toes.
The children need disciplining, because of their fighting;
The baby threw up all over his pages of songwriting.
The disposal is clogged with a toy from the mart,
And the dryer won’t even begin to start.
There are five phone calls for him to return,
And the car has a strange noise of great concern!
The children need help with math homework Mom can’t do,
Her favorite vase is cracked and needs some glue,
And the computer won’t work right, even though it is brand new!
So, Dad gets the right perspective before his head starts to swim,
Reminding himself that life isn’t about him.
Dad focuses on the Lord and gathers strength from His Word.
He begins his “To Do List,” remembering what he’s heard.
Finally, he completes it all as the evening is quickly ending.
"Aaaah, a soapy bath and a little time to watch the game pending!"
Then Mom says that the children are ready for bed.
He remembers it is time for prayers to be said.
He is so tempted to put it off and skip,
But he wants his children to be well-equipped.
He goes right away and ministers to each in their rooms.
Now Mom needs some time of his to consume.
She asks if he will help her and discuss some pressing matters.
Then she just cannot stop all the chitter chatter!
Wow! Now it is so late, and Mom finally tires.
Dad gets ready for bed and finally retires.
He had to skip his bath and football game,
But can’t believe all he finished just the same!
He thanks God for helping him through.
What a very long day he decides, as he reviews.
He starts to fall asleep in Mom’s arms where they lay.
‘Waah!’ The baby cries and needs a bottle without delay!
Dad looks over, but lets Mom sleep
And takes care of the baby without a peep.
Brrrng! The alarm clock rings, declaring sleep to end.
Dad must go to work and do it all over again!
He finally gets clean in the shower
In the quietness of the wee hours.
Then he begins his day with prayer
And God’s Word to keep him focused and aware.
He peeks in on his kids and can’t help but smile,
Reminding himself that fatherhood is so worthwhile.
Just then, a child hugs him with great delight,
Of course making Dad’s day begin just right!
He feels so blessed to be needed and adored,
And thinks, “Children are a treasure and true reward!”


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