The Everlasting Arms (By: Gertrude R. Dugan)

Gracious God, as on the threshold
Of another day I stand:
Let it be with faith undaunted,
Waiting Thy divine command.
I would be renewed in courage,
Calm of soul when aught alarms,
Ever mindful that beneath me,
Are the everlasting arms.

From the ills, the cares, the sorrows,
And the storms upon Life's Sea,
O, Eternal God and Father,
What a refuge is in Thee!
As a covert from the tempest,
A retreat from all that harms,
As a place of peace and safety,
Are Thy everlasting arms.

Lord, Thy grace is all-sufficient,
Whatsoe'er the test may be,
So with humble heart and thankful,
I await Thy will for me.
When I walk amid the shadows,
This alone my fear disarms,
Just to know that underneath me,
Are Thine everlasting arms.

When for me there are no sorrows,
And no burdens to be borne,
When for me all suffering's ended
And I wait the endless morn,
Then, O Father, as the Shepherd,
Lifts the worn sheep to His breast,
May I in Thine arms uplifted,
Find my everlasting rest.



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