The Secrets of Real Success

On your high school graduation,
Enjoy your time of celebration!
You have reached so many goals,
Soon to take on whole new roles.
At the top of success hill;
Looking down to discover God’s Will.
He will watch wherever you go,
And has since you were born long ago.
He brought you to this special day;
Continue to let Him lead the way.
He takes delight in all you do
As He fulfills His plans for you.
Keep Him close within your heart;
His promises will not depart.
Near to Christ, you are sure to bloom;
Continue to give Him the center room!
Along a new path in life you’ll go
Through ups and downs as seasons flow.
Let Him help you pass each test
As you strive to do your best,
Remembering what is true success
As you seek your Lord to bless.
He will lift you on wings of grace,
As you run to win this race.
You will learn eternal things
Taught in the school of our great King.
Use your talents and gifts for His glory,
For He is the hope and future story.
But most of all, do not forget...
Your debt was paid and fully met.
He took your sin to make you free
At Christ's cross, our Victory!
These are the secrets of real success.
Live by faith, and He will bless.
Congratulations, and May God give you peace,
The only kind that will not cease.
This is my prayer for you this day,
That you will always follow His way.


Carla Olson Gade said...

A poem for your graduates to cherish!

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