Disease, illness, symptoms to fear;
Tests, treatments, flares bringing tears.
Consuming, persisting day after day;
Maintaining, controlling, lingering, to stay.
Risks, complications, on-going pain;
Hurting, escalating, scars to remain.
Discomforts, disorders, struggling to cope. . .
Or trusting, enduring, God as our Hope!
Leaning on our own strength through wind and the rain,
Surely we’d get lost in the muddy terrain.
Overcome by the wild and raging storm,
Focus almost gone, until faith takes form.
Ignoring the need, our lamps unlit,
Doors wide open for Satan’s sharp wit.
Crying in despair to give up or give in,
Wandering through a tunnel, leading to sin.
Self-pity creeping in like a snail in a hurry;
Blind to our bitterness, like a mirror, so blurry.
Everyday seeming sad, so lonesome and dreary;
With worry on our shoulders, a chronic burden to carry.
But giving them over to the God who cares
Makes our load lighter and easy to bear.
Mercy in trials, one sure relief!
Our weakness to strength, our firm belief!
Accepting, content, placing all in God’s hand;
Suffering with purpose, unfolding His plan.
Refining, teaching, and training within;
Growing in grace, with hatred of sin;
Portraying God’s love for others around,
Preparing our souls for heaven’s bright crown!
Controlled by God, even ugly and strife,
His Will at work in all areas of each life.
Filling our hearts with steadfast peace;
With only His help, resisting will cease.
With faith, leaning hard on Christ, we believe;
Resting in His promises, our aches are relieved.
Never given more than we could possibly bear,
Filled with His mercy and tender, loving care.
The God of Hope promises, “I will never leave you;”
“I will always deliver you and guide you straight through.”
Doing all things through Christ’s strength, we pray,
With a song and a shield, to trust and obey.
Christ knows each pain, so much more was His loss,
Mocked and in agony, bearing sins at the cross!
Teaching by His example, character through pain,
Resting in God’s plan, perfect peace to sustain.
Permitting what’s best and providing each need;
Sufficient in ourselves, not an option to succeed.
Revealing sin in our hearts when brought low;
Crushing our pride, so humility will flow.
Breaking free from the grip this world holds;
Riches in Christ become fountains of gold.
Pouring out treasures to cherish and own,
The Savior shining through the chronic pain well- known.
Learning, “Not my will, but Yours be done;”
Driving us closer to our Savior, God’s Son.
Weakness shrinks and God’s strength prevails;
With molding and shaping, growth never fails.
Valued lessons are learned from pain,
Glorious mysteries too hard to explain.
Only one path to ever choose:
Leaning on Jesus, with no battle to lose.
Eternal comforts He gives to you and me,
Even in chronic pain, is as vast as the sea!
Filling our souls and making them clean,
The Hope of glory, through pain, will be seen!


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