My safety, my Hope, and lasting peace;
Compassion and mercy that never cease.
The Sun that never loses its shine;
The Rock for refuge and the True Vine.
The magnificent waves in the ocean, so bold;
The awesome Creator who made and foretold.
My Guide, my helper; my head, You uplift;
So stable and faithful, though I may drift;
You hold me up with Your mighty, right hand,
Unfolding Your sovereign, omnipotent plan.
You give meaning and purpose, making me pure,
Washed in Christ’s blood, that made me secure.
Nothing can take away my Hope on high;
Not even Satan, although he will try.
You bring joy to my soul, even in strife;
My Minister and Counselor, my all, my life.
I long to be with You, my Father above;
Nothing can separate me from Your love.
One day soon, You will come for me,
To take me home to eternally be free!
All glory and honor, to my Helper so vast,
The beginning and end; the first and the last.


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