The joy of the Lord, an inner peace;
Knowing God’s love will never cease.
A deep settled confidence;
At our Savior’s expense.
For the love He showed
For sin we owed.
Trusting in the perfect sacrifice past:
Our hope of heaven that will always last!
Believing God’s in complete control
With unwavering faith in our heart and soul.
Not worrying about today or tomorrow;
Learning contentment through anguish and sorrow.
Having assurance through the wind and rain,
Leaning on Jesus, in storms and in pain.
Knowing the God of all comfort foretold,
Our refuge, our hope, more precious than gold.
Rooted with lives for God, firmly planted,
While trials soften, grace surely granted.
Joy accepts difficulties that make us strong,
To teach us who we are and where we go wrong.
Shaping us, till He sees Himself truly flow,
Sending tests not to break us, but grow.
Relying on God in all we face,
By our side, His presence to embrace.
Turning suffering into love for others,
Finding ways to spread joy to our brothers;
Gladness giving itself away,
Increased when shared from day to day.
A ray of sunshine that makes tears disappear;
A sunflower that blooms, delivering such cheer.
Just like the stars that sparkle so bright,
Shining down on a clear, winter’s night.
Happiness surely a fleeting feeling,
But joy, an attitude of gratitude and healing;
Remembering each day is God’s blessed gift,
So undeserved, yet power to uplift.
Making each moment truly count for His glory,
For life is short, but not the end of the story.
Not losing sight, or to simply forget,
That Hope brings joy, for Christ paid our debt;
Praising God for the sacrifice of His Son
Who died in our place, when victory was won!
Joy is God’s Word planted in the heart,
Dwelling on His promises that won’t depart.
Having joy in each simple task,
When getting stressed, to earnestly ask;
Showing humility and endurance and rest,
Not attitudes with self-pity or spirits depressed;
Not losing focus of where strength is from,
Nor letting Satan convince us to come!
Joy does not mean walking around with a grin.
Nor, if we frown, we instantly sin.
To see others radiant with the Lord’s priceless joy
Is not being jealous and seeking to destroy-
The joy of the Lord to be embraced
Is calm in our souls, sins being erased;
In Him, we can take the greatest delight.
As we continue on in this battle and fight.
The Psalms say, “I know the Lord is always with me.
No wonder my heart is filled with such glee.”
“The joy of the Lord is our strength,” which to live.
“In all circumstances, with thanks to pray and give.”
Lord, stir our spirits to heights anew;
Build in us character pleasing to You.
Provoke our beings to the very core,
To serve and honor and obey You more.
Intensify love and make joy shine
For You alone, Oh Love Divine!
When seeking what God gives-strength and peace;
Our joy in the Lord will only increase;
For God is the reason for that joy in your heart,
The Hope everlasting, to never depart!


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