Frances Havergal was a poet and hymn writer. She also wrote devotional books. She was in high demand as a concert soloist, and she played the piano brilliantly. She never wrote a line of poetry without praying over it first. She was highly educated and very smart. But she maintained a simple faith and confidence in her Lord.
Though she was always in frail health, she led an active life, encouraging many people to turn to Jesus and others to seek a deeper spiritual walk. One of the well-known hymns that we sing today that she wrote is "Take My Life and Let it Be."
She sent a letter to Fanny Crosby, another well-known hymn writer who was blind. It said:
Dear blind sister over the sea--
An English heart goes forth to thee.
We are linked by a cable of faith and song,
Flashing bright sympathy swift along
One in the East and one in the West,
Singing for Him whom our souls love best.
Singing for Jesus! Telling His love
All the way to our home above,
Where the severing sea, with its restless tide
Never shall hinder and never divide.
Sister, what shall our meeting soon be
When our hearts shall sing and our eyes shall see?
Frances went to be with her Lord at the young age of 42. She never married. What a beautiful testimony her life is to us, as she lived and suffered with peace and joy for her Lord!


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