ANCHOR that holds through wind and rain;
BALM that heals our wounds and pain.
CHRIST Child born, worshiped and adored;
DELIVERER who saved us from sin evermore!
EDUCATOR who teaches us how to obey;
FATHER who intercedes when we bow and pray.
GLOWING Flame, shining in me and you;
HOPE of all ages, the old and the new.
INHERITANCE, we trust in forever and always;
JOY of your heart, in song and true praise.
KING OF KINGS, who calls us His own;
LIGHT of the world, the brightest shown.
MIGHTY in power, the strongest of all;
NAME ABOVE All NAMES ever once called.
ONE AND ONLY, in complete control;
PEACE in our souls, that makes us whole.
God of QUIETNESS, when we awaken;
ROCK that causes us to never be shaken.
SHELTER from any storm we face;
TRUTH that sets us free by grace.
UNCHANGING God, who will always be;
VINE, and branches bearing fruit, are we;
The WAY made for us, when He died;
EXALTED ONE above the heavens wide!
YESTERDAY, Today, and forever, the same;
ZION Deliverer, praise His Holy Name!


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