Abba Father, I Belong to You

Abba Father, I belong to You!
I am your daughter, no matter what I do.
You adopted me as Your princess and child;
I am made complete in Christ, undefiled.
That makes You my Father, God, and Lord;
I call You Abba Daddy, who I love and adore.
You lavish Your great love on me,
To share in Your inheritance, so treasured and free.
As a fellow citizen of Heaven above,
Along with Your family, oh, what matchless love!
Jesus, I want to be just like You are,
Not selfish, but gracious and to shine like a star!
My actions so often aren’t like You at all;
I give way to sin and so easily fall.
You have put the Holy Spirit in my heart
To be my guide, who will never depart;
To comfort and convict me of my sin,
When I am hurt or struggle within.
I must live for you with all soul,
And not let selfishness take control!
Satan tries to easily deceive me,
But You open my eyes and make me see-
When I stay focused on Your Word and pray,
True constant diligence will ward him away.
I want to be a faithful daughter of the King;
I must lean on You and find shelter in Your wings.
Oh, Abba Father, I belong to you
May I bring You glory in all that I do!


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