The King’s daughter is all glorious within,
Lovely to behold, and conquers her sin.
What is most beautiful is in her heart-
The love of Christ that sets her apart.
She lives for her King and graciously gives;
She thinks of others and quickly forgives.
She guards against self-pity and pride,
Making sure she has nothing to hide.
She carefully watches her actions and moods,
God’s holy word as her daily food.
He gives her grace and strength for all things;
His grace is sufficient, with blessings He brings.
Satan tries to deceive her on this earth,
To listen to the world’s measure of self-worth;
To believe that true beauty comes from outside,
But they only distract the real beauty inside.
The culture of today tries to persuade and say
These make her beautiful and fit in today:
Have friends and be popular, and fight to win,
Wear the right labels on your clothes to fit in,
Make-up and hair-styles must be the latest trend,
And listening to cool music will give you friends.
But true self-worth is found in God’s Word
And works in her heart to spread what she’s heard.
She believes, “I am chosen by God, dearly loved,”
Made complete and whole through Jesus Christ’s blood.
She knows she is a member of the priesthood, so royal,
A stranger in this world, but to her King, she is loyal.
Man looks on the outside, but God looks on her heart;
She was created by Him and His beautiful work of art.
She knows charm is deceptive, and beauty is vain,
But a woman who fears God, He will sustain.
Whether facing sadness or sorrow or pain,
She accepts and learns priceless lessons to gain.
She frees herself from worldly, dark ways
And puts on her crown and prays to not stray.
As a daughter of the King, she is a shining light,
Only concerned to be precious in His sight.
She trades in her worldly rights on this race
For the citizenship in heaven full of grace;
Living in fellowship and in harmony with God,
Obedient and faithful on this journey she trods.
As she focuses on Jesus, her glorious King,
She awaits His return, as she praises and sings.
The beautiful princess is all glorious within
And presses on with eternal riches to win;
Content to let this world pass her by,
To live forever in castles in the sky!


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