O Love Divine that teaches
“Take up Your cross for me!”
Upon the tree, You gave Your life
For souls to be set free.
Oh, suffering Savior, I follow!
My burdens, You gladly bear;
You formed and carved each cross
Within Your Sovereign care.
My times are in Your precious hands,
You blend the bitter with the sweet.
You carry my crosses as Your load,
Pouring treasures at my feet.
Make me trust with confidence
As I draw strength from You;
Break me of my sin and pride
And teach me Your Will to do.
Oh, loving Master, I want to change
And bear my crosses, myself to deny;
In my attitudes, my pain, my losses,
Becoming like You, who sanctify.
Wise Counselor, my Hope in Glory,
To You, for refuge, I run;
Teach me Your mission in my cross
Until Your work is done.
Oh Perfect Love, to know You more
Is my burning heart’s desire;
While tested in the furnace heat,
Keep my soul aflame, on fire.
Standing at the foot of the cross,
Sufficient grace to find;
Make me content to lay at Your feet;
Cleanse and renew my mind.
Without the cross, my heart is dark,
But You bore the sorrow and night;
Peace and victory overflow;
Shine through me, my Christ, my Light.
Oh, Love Triumphant, Oh empty grave;
Such mysteries, no mind can comprehend!
Continue to mold and shape to reveal,
Building my faith until the end.
Oh, love eternal, secured by Your cross,
Sustain me when cast down;
Remind me as I serve and endure,
That the cross leads to my crown!


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