Miracles of color blanket the earth
Like splashes of paint, a canvas of worth.
Yellow, orange, plum purple, and red,
Replacing the green, before trees start to shed.
Leaves in the mountains, valleys and hills;
On plants and bushes brought on by the chill.
Hot air replaced by a cool, crisp breeze,
A refreshing change before winter will freeze.
Busy squirrels prepare, scurrying about,
Storing heaps of acorns in secret hideouts.
Birds head South, leaves fly and sprawl;
This change of season turns summer to fall.
Frost on the pumpkins and crystalized ground;
Apples fully ripened, vibrant leaves turning brown.
Chilly mornings with the bright sun gleaming in,
Invigorating the soul and cleansing within.
The colorful world will begin to turn gray.
The miracles of fall to be taken away.
The beauty and joys so vivid and bright,
Changing to the miracle of winter to white!


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