How awesome are God’s wondrous ways,
Exceeding feeble minds;
His wisdom seen through all the world
And miracles of mankind.

The gift of life and air we breathe,
Each second, every year-
Foreordained in perfect balance,
Mysterious Hands that steer.

God’s providence never stops!
While asleep, He’s in control,
Directing every move that’s made,
Just like the waves that roll.

If we fall into the ocean
Or blow into the wind,
He is there to guide us back,
Even when we’ve sinned.

Think about the thoughts injected
To break that stubborn wall,
Whispering angels God sends
Could be acting on His call.

He ministers in endless ways
Too lofty to understand;
We taste the bitter, consume the sweet,
While He unfolds His plan.

So why the groaning when tests fall
And trials cause us pain?
All work together for our good,
Our souls, the greatest gain.

But we grieve for sick, the lonely,
The fallen soldier at war,
Marriage vows that fade and crumble,
The child at death’s door.

We grumble at the storms of life,
Riding in on every breeze;
While pages turn and seasons change,
We desire a life of ease.

But when it’s calm and flowing smoothly,
Without a burden to bear,
We drift away from God our Father
And closeness that we share.

But, wait! God cares for all the weary;
He takes away the sting;
Like sun that makes the morning bright
They rise with healing wings.

Each mystery will make sense,
The day the Lord returns.
With one end, one aim, one goal,
Prepared by all we’ve learned.

Step by step, we’re climbing...
His work is not quite done;
Faith is growing stronger
Until the race is won.

We sense His gentle arms
Wrap ‘round us when we fear;
As if the one and only one,
We feel His presence near.

What miracle to know His peace
And grow in grace each day;
As He meets our every need
He leads and guides our way,

But, nothing could compare
To the eternal love He gave;
The Son He spared to pay for sin,
The hope for the ones He saved.

But, oh how man is so ungrateful,
His forgetfulness made known;
Of all the gifts and treasures here,
God’s mercy on us is shown!

Souls, wake up and long for glory!
His acts of providence speak clear
Cast away the fear and doubt,
Unshaken, and persevere!

Oh, may we learn to trust His ways
To not grow cold, but to serve and give,
To share God’s love and hate our sin,
Grateful He chose to forgive.

His perfect plan will soon make sense,
So worth the tears we’ve cried;
We see one side of providence now
But in heaven, we’ll see both sides!


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