See God’s glory blanket the earth,
The sun play hide and seek;
The waves at sea that roll and crash,
How high the mountains peek.

Watch the laughing brooks flow free,
The flowers’ sprout and birth;
The endless skies and cotton clouds,
The fire’s warmth and worth.

Marvel at His mercies deep,
The way He fashioned man;
The complex mind and heart within,
Too deep to understand.

All creation shaped and formed
By His own faithful hand;
Each bit of dust and splash of water,
Under His command.

God’s magnificence and beauty shine
More than the stars at night;
His love expands from shore to shore,
A Beacon of hope and light.

Our sovereign God, who fashioned all,
Provides for every care;
Unfolding is His perfect plan;
We see it everywhere!

Give the God of providence
Glory for all He’s made;
Praise Him for His finished work,
Hope that will never fade!

Oh, Glory in His promise,
Trust in heaven’s name,
Long for the day he returns to share
The glory He proclaims!


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