GOD'S STAIRWAY (By: Helen Steiner Rice)

(My 13 year old nephew just sent me this poem! So perfectly timed by God! Oh, how He uses people in our lives to encourage us to "keep climbing" for Him. This poem ministered to me greatly, sent by a very compassionate and loving soul, who loves Jesus and cares about others. It reminded me to keep going on this dismal day of pain, and to cry to Jesus, who hears our every need. A dear friend reminded me that Jesus is not perplexed by our chronic situations, for He knows exactly what He is doing! I will keep climbing, climbing, and climbing nearer to Jesus, who is holding me up and is right by my side...I will climb into the arms of comfort and grace and continue on as He guides me on my journey to heaven, where I will live forever anew with Him! To God be the glory! He is so faithful! May this poem touch your heart too!)

God's Stairway
Step by Step we climb day by day
Closer to God with each prayer we pray
For "the Cry of the heart" offered in prayer
Becomes just another "Spiritual Stair"
In the "Heavenly Staircase" leading us to
A beautiful place where we live anew...
So never give up for it's worth the climb
To live forever in "Endless Time"
Where the soul of a man is SAFE AND FREE
(By: Helen Steiner Rice)



Carla Olson Gade said...

How precious of him to share it. Thank you it really ministered to me today - body and soul.

Lynne said...

I'm so glad...me too!
He is very special!

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