Moment by moment, day to day,
One step at a time, He leads the way;
Traveling through and up the hills,
Equipped to bear as He refills.

The Master gave us legs to climb,
Hands to serve through tests of time;
A mind to think and lips to speak,
And seven days in one long week.

He gave us hearts to love and care,
A head to bow in humble prayer;
Feet to greet each stepping stone,
A soul to trust in Christ alone.

Will we stumble along life’s pathway
Or seek His grace from day to day?
Will we use the tools He supplied
And walk by faith and let Him guide?

Will we run and overcome,
Knowing where the strength comes from;
Taking steps through trials of gold,
Soaring as His plan unfolds?

As we march to higher heights,
The armor of God will help us fight;
His mercy and joy will overflow,
As closer to our Lord, we grow.

If we grumble, resist, and whine,
We lose rich blessings, no words define;
But when we accept blows from His Hand,
We’ll rise in peace, content to stand.

Moment by moment, one step at a time,
The weak made strong, for Christ to shine;
The nearer to feel His sweet embrace,
The clearer we’ll see God’s holy face!


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