O Lord, fill up my weary soul
With strength in You, sufficient grace;
To soar like the eagle once again,
Proud to partake in trials of faith.

O Jesus, fill my lonely heart
With overflowing joy in You;
Like a stream in desert heat,
Willing to suffer, as You renew.

O Father, fill my wandering mind
With riches only You supply;
Swirling thoughts of precious gems,
Golden tests that lift me high.

O Savior, fill my panicked spirit
With calming hope that never fades;
Feed me with Your bread from heaven,
Always full and ne’er afraid.

O King, fill up these shattered dreams
With help to mend and build again;
Be my refuge and my rock,
On solid ground, my grief to end.

O Christ, fill up my empty hands
with Your love to serve and grow;
Let me taste Your tender mercies
On this battlefield below.

O Master, fill my afflicted head
With peace secure, content within;
Fixed on the prize that awaits in glory,
A crown to replace the pain and sin.

O Sovereign God, fill up my cup!
Keep it full and never drained;
When hemmed in by tribulations,
Keep my mind on Victory’s gain!


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