Splendor and grandeur;
New Hopefuls premiere!
Pageant of beauties
Compete every year!
The glitz and the glamor,
The glow in their eyes;
Full focus and drive
On the title and prize.
With confident bold,
Secure in their frames;
Fit, trim, and successful,
Hard work sure to blame.
Each endearing demeanor
Glows like the stars;
Unique traits stand out
To set the high bar.
All eyes on the beauty
Only known by its beholder;
Modeled and crafted
By its Creator and Molder.
As dazzling as a diamond
With sparkle and shine,
With dreams for the crown
Each gown, one design.
Stilettos in rhythm,
Like the beat of the clock,
Stride down the runway
like the bride’s isle walk.
Spirals of curls
Starched firmly in place,
Not a single, fine strand
Moves out of its place.
Pearly white teeth
Beam through many smiles;
Forgetting the obstacles,
Showing off flare and style.
False lashes and paint,
Body smoothers and tape;
Extensions and lifts,
No secrets escape.
Their charm and grace,
Like the wings of a bird,
Impress every judge;
Excitement is heard.
New looks and fresh talent
Parade on the stage;
High hopes for the crown,
To turn a new page.
Now polished and trained,
Etiquette well displayed;
Perfect poise and real charm,
Now burst with no aid.
Refined with finesse,
A new queen will be born;
Like a rose in full bloom
with no thistles or thorns.
The anxious suspense
Hangs over the crowd,
Like rain soon to burst
Through a lingering cloud.
Afraid of an accident,
Tipped not to trip;
Careful to caution,
Wrong words not to slip.
The big question arrives!
To freeze is forbidden;
Each voice so pleasant,
But nervousness hidden.
Devotion to platforms,
Ways to give back;
Goals to achieve
To help those who lack.
Education promoted;
Communities served;
Committed to charities;
Family values preserved.
The genuine inspire,
The giving soul reigns;
Joy and love glitter,
Elegance is gained.
Inner beauty that grows
Never fades, but shines bright;
Like a gentle, kind spirit,
A great worth in God’s sight.
Fearless in spirit,
Humble in heart;
Patient in character,
Works of His art.
Endurance transcends,
Sharp skill to the end;
Encouragement blends
And develops a friend.
Victory greets all,
While experience trains;
Each learns from the other,
Lasting prizes attained.
The moment the audience
Is waiting for nears;
Loveliness huddles
Together in tears.
The winner is revealed!
Fans cheer and shout;
The title passed on;
She takes her walk out!
With roses in arm,
Her heart shocked within;
Her dreams have come true,
As reality sinks in!
The crown now attained
And placed on her head;
Opportunities knock,
New adventures ahead.
Celebrations await,
Inspiration to share;
Wellness to promote,
New vision to prepare.
Banquets and mentors,
Travels and gifts;
Promotions of health,
Lives to uplift.
Volunteering and causes,
Appearances to make;
With support and passions,
More duties to undertake.
As photo shoots begin,
Aspirations transpire;
New goals soon to reach
Even higher and higher!
Throughout her reign,
Today’s woman will grow;
Her dedication will impress,
And strength will flow.
With faith and peace,
She’ll sparkle like her crown;
Pageant beauties succeed most,
When inner beauty abounds!


Mimi said...

This is quite a tribute to those beauties...I especially love the ending because it is so true!

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