There is a perfect Light,
that glows in all you do;
It radiates and flows
and has pierced this heart of mine.
Just like a ray of sunshine
That sparkles through the trees,
Or brighter than a field of sunflowers
Blowing in the breeze;
It’s more dazzling than the stars,
More cheerful than the sun;
We know the light of Jesus
Is what gives your world its glow!
May it continue to beam so bright,
Especially through the rain,
Or when you’re very far away
Or feel so all alone.
When you start your morning,
Your Lord to light the way,
Don’t forget to thank Him
For shining on your path.
Without His strength, you’d falter
And stumble in the dark;
But He’s the Light within your
The oil for your lamp!



Mimi said...

I know many servants of Christ who could claim this is about them including you, Lynne! I love this poem too.

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