Dear princess created
by your Father and King:
God knows you by name
and the praises you sing.

Precious and honored
And pleasing in His sight,
You bring Him delight,
Such joy day and night.

How great is His love
Lavished on you,
To be called a child
of His chosen few!

He cares for the sparrows,
But your worth is far more;
He numbers your hairs,
Like sand on the seashore.

He feels all your pain
And bottles each tear,
As He lingers close by
To calm every fear.

A true princess will imitate
Her King who forgave,
Making Himself nothing,
For His children to save.

The daughter of the King
Lives to please and adore;
Instead of herself,
she serves Him more.

While helping the poor,
Clothed in humility,
She gladly does away
With things of futility.

Filled with compassion,
Her heart is so kind;
While searching for wisdom,
His grace she will find.

Engrossed in God’s word,
Her trust won’t depart,
Telling the lost
Who lives in her heart.

With the fruits of the Spirit,
She fights against sin
And puts on God’s armor,
to be alert and to win!

The heart of a princess,
So pure and so free,
Has a good conscience
and wants all to see.

As royalty, find beauty
Inside yourself first,
In this world, not so fair,
Not lasting, but cursed.

Rest in His providence;
He cherishes you!
His promises lasting
And are faithful and true.

As His plan unfolds,
Long for that day
When you meet your King
Who will show you the way;

He’ll bring you to a place,
His glorious castles in the skies,
To receive your rich crown
And eternity’s prize!

Oh, princess, shine brightly
For your Savior and Friend;
Worship your King,
And persevere till the end!


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