Time spent with God
Revives and renews;
Refreshing the soul,
Discovering new truths.

Plunged in His Word,
To learn and to grow;
He comforts our hearts
As His promises flow.

We study and search,
Craving new treasure;
More insight is gained,
Grace beyond measure!

Scriptures come alive!
He mysteriously feeds;
Pages full of hope
To meet all our needs.

Nuggets burst forth
From rivers of gold;
Like kisses of affection,
They never grow old.

Approaching His throne
We fall at His feet;
So humble, yet bold,
He makes us complete.

With feeble heads bowed
We listen and pray;
He ministers His love
Giving strength for each day.

Forgiveness is shown
As sins are laid bear;
His deliverance flows;
He hears every care.

Seeking God’s Will,
He is pleased to restore;
We abide in His presence,
New mercies out pour.

Walking with God,
His example supplied;
Fruits will be seen,
His blessings applied.

Striving for holiness
In thought, word, and deed,
We desire His character
And follow His lead.

Time spent with God
Brings great inner peace;
His Hand will reward,
Our faith to increase.

To uncover and cherish
The beauty God brings,
Is priceless wise worth
And makes our hearts sing!
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