Behold the beauty,
Breathe in the air,
Soak up the sun,
And taste its cheer;
Listen to wind glide through the trees,
Rustling leaves and calming breeze.

Smell the scents,
Petals God built;
Get lost in the clouds,
White cotton and silk;
Take a walk in the rustling grass;
Dream of the blessings and joy of the past.

Put aside pain,
Do away with the pity,
Look up to the sky,
So vast and pretty;
Hold on to hope of heaven on high,
Refreshed by grace and take a deep sigh.

Cleanse your soul,
Look deep within,
Yawn satisfaction,
And take it all in;
Rejoice in the darkness carried away,
Replaced by the light of a brand-new day!


Mimi said...

Lynne, this is beautiful!

Lynne said...

Thank you, Mimi!

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