Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power;
Put on His armor to be ready each hour!
Stand your ground against spiritual forces,
The evil of Satan and worldly dark sources!
Resist with the Belt of Truth on your waist;
The enemy deceives, so wisely make haste!
Understand the truth till the very last days;
Know God’s Word and walk in His ways.
The Breastplate of Righteousness placed over the heart
Protects and builds character to set you apart;
As your defender and guard for the fight,
It displays what is true and shows what is right.
Feet fitted in Shoes must always be ready,
Gospel of Peace to keep you faithful and steady;
The Shoes make peacemakers, real joy to share,
Keeping you safe from each heartless snare.
Grab hold of the Shield of Faith to outrun
The flaming arrows of the evil one!
The Shield is your refuge and hope for each day,
For strength to stand firm and follow His way.
Put on the Helmet of Salvation to protect your mind,
To guard your thoughts and from falling behind.
God keeps us victorious and pure within,
For He died on the cross to pay for our sin.
Take hold of the Sword of the Spirit and hide
God’s holy Word in your heart as guide.
Tell of its power against Satan, your foe,
As more than conquerors, through Christ, you will grow!
In the Spirit, pray for the saints who hurt;
Declare the Gospel and stay alert.
The armor of God, He graciously gave
To fight life’s battles, with mercy to save;
To rescue and make His people strong,
Your Rock and shelter, your joy and song!
When you wear the full armor of God,
The soldier of God will faithfully trod
With victory over Satan, who will try to entice,
Learning to give and to sacrifice.
You have Jesus now as your true Hiding Place,
Well-equipped and ready for this earthly race!
So, keep pressing on to win the prize,
Your heavenly calling in the skies!


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