Lord, I long to see You,
To look upon Your face,
To hold Your hand in mine,
As You lead me to Your place.

This earthly frame of mine
Is withering, fading fast;
One year seems like a day,
Forgotten, in the past.

I yearn for your return,
My body, weary and worn,
No longer to see pain,
My flesh to be reborn.

No sickness will remain,
No unexpected trials;
No more sin or tears to shed,
You make it all worthwhile.

I long for that great day
When heaven opens wide;
I will fall at Your feet
With nothing left to hide.

When Your hosts of angels come,
Descending as You planned,
With blasts of trumpets sounding,
Please guide me to Your land!

When I see those pearly gates
And mansions in the sky,
Humble praise will overflow
As I watch in awe and cry.

The wonder and the beauty
Of streets of purest gold,
The dazzling walls of jewels,
My emotions uncontrolled.

But when my eyes meet Yours,
My Savior and my King,
I won't be able to look away,
And praises I will bring!

I will see Your radiant glow,
The Beacon that shines so bright,
More than the rays and beams of sun,
More than the fire’s light.

At last, in Your shining presence,
Reverent on my knees;
Only then will I fully know
How much my sins displease.

Your faithfulness will prove
The love You have for me;
Gazing on the scars that saved,
My filthy heart cleansed free.

Oh, I want to hear Your voice
And feel Your gentle touch,
To find Your kiss upon my cheek
And know Your mighty clutch.

Reveal Your Sovereign plan,
Life’s mysteries- make known;
Your promises- prove true,
You reign upon Your throne!

No mind can conceive that day;
Oh, how I guess and dream,
As You prepare with gracious power,
The new home for the redeemed.

There is nothing on this earth
To make me want to stay;
Oh, Take me home to be with You,
Come quickly, don’t delay!

I long to be Your princess
In paradise with You,
An heir of Your kingdom
Soon in perfect view.

Jesus, I’ll go on and serve
Until Your work is done;
Persevering with the saints
Until our race is won.

Your plans of perfection
Prepare the heavenly way,
Closer and closer to Victory;
Come and take me away!

Hallelujah, Maranatha-
Come Lord Jesus, Come!
Hasten our crowning glory,
Dear Savior, quickly come!


Lynne said...

I rewrote this poem "Come Quickly" after I first posted it.

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