Waiting for King Jesus,
Longing to go home,
To end this earthly journey,
Where Satan is left to roam.

What joy will fill our souls
When homeward bound at last;
Sin and pain to cease,
Our trials in the past.

No longer weary pilgrims,
No more tears to cry;
Only souls transformed
In the twinkling of an eye.

Earthly hoarded treasures,
Idols held with greed,
Gone forevermore;
Christ to supersede.

Mysteries will be answered,
Promises proved true;
“Great is the reward”
For the faithful and the few.

Minds can hardly conceive
What God has in store
For the ones He truly loves,
When He opens heaven’s door.

The waiting will be over,
The dead will be raised;
The Savior of the world
More glorified and praised.

We will meet the faithful saints,
Heroes of the past,
Prophets who foretold,
United with God at last.

The skies will open wide,
Angel hosts will sing,
Trumpets will resound
For our holy, risen King!

To see those pearly gates
And castles in the air,
To walk the streets of gold,
Worth all we had to bear.

But nothing will compare
To the glory that will be,
The splendor of His beauty
In shining majesty.

Blazing more than fire
And purer than new snow;
Brighter than the sun,
His brilliance all aglow.

To know His tender mercy,
To see Him face to face,
The One who took our sin
And died in our place.

Overtaken with great joy,
Overwhelmed with praise,
We will fall on our knees,
With humbled hearts to gaze.

We long to hear Him say,
“Well done, servant of mine”
And lead us to His table,
The greatest feast to dine.

As heirs of His kingdom,
We feel His outstretched hand,
And hear His mighty voice,
Leading through the promised land.

We gaze upon His treasures,
And living water springs,
Dressed in crown and robe,
In the presence of our King.

Speechless, we will lay
Content at His feet,
Rejoicing in redeeming grace,
And finally made complete.

But storms still surround us,
Although the blessings flow;
Our souls yearn for heaven,
As our earthly bodies grow.

Waiting for our Savior,
Longing to be found,
Ready for His coming,
Soon we’re homeward bound!


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