(This is in memory of my dear friend's father.)

My heart is empty,
But memories sweet;
My days so dark,
Now incomplete.

I see the laughter,
The joy and tears;
The gift of love,
I know he’s near.

Here one day,
Then gone away;
My soul is aching,
Will sadness stay?

In my grief,
I hear him call;
A gentle whisper,
I start to fall.

I see him rising,
Glowing still;
But this time joy,
Not daily ill.

The shining light,
The heavenly crown;
Decked in robes,
Gold all around.

But best of all,
I see the peace;
The true contentment,
No life did cease!

The glory of God
Shown all around;
The eternal victory,
Triumphant sound!

I suddenly woke,
And then I knew;
Tis but a dream,
But oh, so true!

No more suffering,
Led by grace;
In glory at last,
To see His face!

He is home with God,
Resting above;
I delight in His plan
For my hero of love.

Lessons were learned;
From his life, we grew;
He served and gave;
For Christ, he knew.

But my heart sighs deep,
I still miss Dad;
He was the rock,
The best I had.

My world has stopped,
This man is gone;
A beacon in the night,
But memories live on.

I feel His arms
Wrapped ‘round me tight;
I hear his voice,
My shining knight.

So numb and lonely,
My sorrow deep;
But this strong parent
Was not mine to keep.

He touched my life,
I loved his smile;
He made life’s blessings
More worthwhile.

My children cherished
Time with their grandfather;
This man of faith,
Who treasured my mother.

He will always stay
Right here inside;
I feel His presence
Never leave my side.

The seasons of life
Send sorrow and pain,
But my Hope in heaven
Will always sustain.

Listen for the whispers,
Feel his touch;
He will never slip away,
We love him so much.

But one day soon,
We will join him too,
In the castles in the sky
With souls made new.

My Dad is home
Basking in the Son;
I can hear God say,
“Well done, faithful one!”


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