My God’s Hands formed earth and sky
And flooded the lands and wiped them dry;
He removed the king’s own stubborn heart
And caused the waves and sea to part.

My God’s Hands gushed water from rock
And helped Poor Moses lead and talk;
He formed the manna that fell from up high
And sent down quail when He heard their cry.

My God’s Hands made David strong
And gave Samson strength when his hair was long;
He filled King Solomon with wisdom and power
And shut the mouths of lions that devour.

My God's Hands turned water to wine
And blinded Saul by the light’s bright shine;
He helped the lame get up and stand
And healed and restored the withered hand.

My God’s Hands led disciples along
And taught them lessons, and right from wrong;
He trained and served and washed their feet
And weathered storms, the cold, and heat.

My God’s Hands hold me in place
And guide me on each path I face;
He directs my wandering, aching heart
And draws me close to set me apart.

My God’s Hands have counted my hairs
And carry my burdens and bottle my tears;
He sends hard trials, yet delivers from all
And raises me up when I start to fall.

My God’s Hands can change a heart
And burden the hardened soul to part;
He molds and shapes each masterpiece
And causes the faith of His own to increase.

My God’s Hands were hammered to a tree
And bear the scars from the nails meant for me;
He holds all the mysteries and heaven’s keys
And supplies the hope and love that frees!

My hands raise up toward the sky
And give all glory to God on High;
They praise the Hands that paid the price
And serve the Hands that sacrificed.

His Hands bless weak hands that pray
And fill them up with grace each day;
My hands cling and trust His plans
And long to hold my God’s own Hands.


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