(Dedicated to my very dear
for this is her life!)

The smiling sunflower,
Such a beautiful face;
A bright, cheery flower,
The happiest of all.

Its velvet, soft petals
Endure through life’s storms;
They reach toward the sun,
Displaying such glow.

This hardy survivor
Climbs strong and so tall;
Like a flag waving high,
Freely passing us all.

Its golden crown blooms
And points to the sky,
Facing the Hands
Who molded its strength.

Its yellow head radiates,
As it conquers and shines;
Nourished and free,
Celebrating its life.

Behind this flower
is its awesome creator;
The Master Son,
The cause of its glow.

A beam of delight
Filled with sheer warmth;
a beacon at night,
Lending its rays.

A miracle grows
In a garden of sunflowers,
So planted with care
And thrives from the sun.

The sunflower I know
Displays God’s splendor;
Glows like this flower
And grows in the rain.

She’s a beacon of light,
Resembling her Creator;
Enduring life’s storms
For the Master Son.

“Lord, make me like her,
Just like the sunflower;
To smile through rain,
The glow of the Son.”


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