Listen to whispers
All over the earth;
The bells are ringing-
Another year’s birth!

New resolutions
Resound through the lands,
Blasting like trumpets
And loud marching bands!

“Toss out the old!
In with the new!
Change and transform;
Replace the old you!”

There’s just one thing wrong
With thinking that way-
God does the changing,
As we strive to obey.

Our goals and best efforts
Will last and succeed
When we lean on Jesus,
His strength to feed.

To walk in faithfulness
And shine as lights,
We give Him our hearts
Each morning and night.

He holds the future,
Our dreams and plans;
Each road we’ll choose,
All in His hands.

Growing in seasons,
Replacing the old;
Deeper dependence,
Refined as gold.

We hide in His shadow,
Travel the unknown,
Prepared by our Maker,
Never alone!

Trusting in Jesus,
Whatever He sends;
Bitter and sweet,
Up hills, ‘round bends.

The weary made strong
To do all things;
Renewed, to soar
On eagle’s wings.

Time ebbs and flows,
But lessons are learned;
Wrapped in His promises,
Wisdom is earned.

Seeking His presence,
Resting in His care,
Serving the Lord,
While humbly in prayer.

The goal and desire
To please only Him
And follow His steps,
Are in joy or through dim.

The wonders of hope,
The miracles of grace,
The mysteries of His love
Outweigh all we face.

Life is fleeting,
But home is not here;
We press on for the prize;
His coming is near!

As years linger on,
Souls longing in wait,
The closer we come
To eternity’s gates!

One day, years will vanish,
The temporal all gone,
But victory will reign!
Oh, Jesus, lead on!



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