NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP (By: Sarah Jinright)

Now I lay me down to sleep
The dishes in the sink will keep
The overflowing trash will wait
The laundry never will out-date;
For more important than the stack
Are those who ate and did not lack
And those who knew the covering
Of clothes, and more, of Christ the King.

Now I lay me down quite spent,
The dust bunnies are all content
To wait until tomorrow, so,
I'll close my eyes and let them go.
For more important than the dirt
Was time to stop and heal a hurt
To listen to a heart in pain
And help it start anew again.

Now I lay me down to rest
Lord, you know that I did my best
Though sleepy now, I must confess
Beneath this darkness, lies a mess;
But Jesus loves a disarray
If that is how he plans a day
He doesn't see a bed unmade
But only how He's been obeyed.

Now I lay me down to snore
I didn't make “to love” a chore
I rocked, and read, and vanquished fears
I played, and fed, and dried small tears
I built up hopes while dusting fans
I colored sunsets in with crayons
So now, dear Lord, if you see fit
Let me rest myself a bit.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my mess to keep
Still my mind and calm my heart
And bless me with new strength to start.


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