Barn Buddy: My first Flash Game

My first Flash Game: Barn Buddy

As we all have played different games throughout our lives. Before this new technological advancements we use to play more outdoor games but now we are more towards indoor games and especially the Computer games.

In this blog we will particularly talk about our experiences of flash games(in which we leaded others) as I think it interests most of us and we spend a lot of time on it in achieving goals and unlocking objects. The first ever flash game which i played was the Burn Buddy on Face book. It was an amzing game as it looked very attractive(at that time). The sounds in the background were amazing and i was assigned to be a farmer at my farm.

I harvested, watered my plants and plotted new ones on regular basis and that was the reason i was very far ahead than my other friends and this was just like an achievement for me i enjoyed to be ahead of others and this gave me a lot more courage to do more.
The only thing which was very bad about this game was that it has a very limited space and also the products to use were also very less and one more thing i was always short of coins so had to wait alot for the harvest to come and to get coins.

This picture is a recent one and many new unlockable objects have been added since then and some extra space is also there which you can use. When I quitted I had unlocked Nine of those plots and the 9th one was the last at that time.

This is the snap of my farm which i took from face book.:-

Dear ProFlasher:-
Have you ever played this game?
Did you liked it?
How often did you played it and what was your ranking in your friend?

*Please submit your answers in the comment box I would be happy to see some other ProFlashers of Barn Buddy :)



Anonymous said...

Hey... I ve started this game last March 2011... & now I am in level 89 :)
But I need free credit trick :(
I know thre is a trick :) if u know please help me :(
My email :

Addy Rash said...

Sorry Dude I am not playing this game any more.. But I'll try to find some cheats for you and send them on your email... Happy Gaming :-)

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