My weekly supper menu will now be featured every Thursday or Friday on here! Delicious, easy, and cost-efficient dinners will be posted to help you plan for the week! They will also be featured on another blog called “Having Fun Saving.” The author of the blog, Tracy, gave me the idea to do this for my readers.
Tracy became a stay at home mom in 2005 when her son was born. She now has a daughter, as well, and loves being able to spend time with them. However, the lack of a dual income has caused her to get creative with her spending and pay more attention to deals....AND SHE LOVES IT!
Tracy said, “I coupon to save, I coupon to be able to stay home with my kids, I coupon to help us survive from week to week, I coupon to help share with others, I coupon because I believe I can make a difference, I coupon because I care, I coupon in hopes to teach my two cuties to care too! I look forward to your visit at Having Fun Saving!”
Be sure to check out her blog and learn how much you can save weekly with the knowledge she shares about coupons and deals, and her many coupon offers! “Thank you, Tracy!”


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