A Dumb Flash Game: Mafia Wars

A Dumb Flash Game: Mafia Wars.

Why people play dumb Flash games? Simply because they are dumbs themself. I came across a game known as Mafia Wars nearly Forty to Fifty of my friends were already in that game and were enjoying the Levels upto Three Hundred or Four Hundred and finally i day one of them invited me to Mafia Wars. I clicked on the Run option and started scrolling through the game.

There was an option "FIGHT" I clicked on that, at that moment i thought i am going to get a gun and some heads waiting for my head shots but nothing happened in a few seconds i saw a message "You Lost" i was like.... Is that all? Hey where are those heads? where is the gun? but all was embarassment and i had lost from some of the big bosses of this game.. Lalalaala that was a poor boys story.

That day i decided not to go there again as i dont want to Lose another fight without getting my self into it. Because i may be you can say i dont understood the main logic of that game or what so ever but i quitted the Mafia once and for all..

Below are some snaps of my game and what i think was ridiculus about this game please igonre my ranking (Level):

This picture looks cool.. forcing us to imagine we are with that cute girl ;)

So Dear Proflasher if you are a Proflasher in Mafia Wars that is something really great and I appreciate you for having temperament for such a game.. Hi 5 for all the ProFlashers of Mafia Wars please share your levels and snaps if you want to :)

Now my questions are:
  1. Why do you play Mafia War?Interesting? Timepass? or what is your reason to play?
  2. Do you think Mafia Wars are planning to make a force of Warriors who dont have guns?
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