Flash Game of Fishes:-

Flash Game of Fishes
A game of Marine Art.Happy Aquarium is another game which I enjoyed a lot on Facebook. There were a number of things why I played it with much attention. The first most significant thing was that it was based on the Marine life. There was a large variety of fishes and they were very colorful and cute. I loved to feed them Food. When I played this game it had 5 tanks which you can unlock and then you can put your fishes inside them. I reached level 35 and unlocked 5 of the tanks but one of my friends had already gone to 35 levels and I think she was the Proflasher of this game.My Aquariums name was Fishie Fishie.

Although there were many unique features but one feature of tapping was amazing and also the assigning of names to the fishes was also cool I liked it a lot and gave very funny names to my fishes like trash, rose, fluffer, nasty, bingo.

Some of the things which I did not like about this game were that it was a little slow pace game. The sounds were not that much attractive. Fish variety was there but unlocking them was a great problem. As most of the miscellaneous stuff (decorations) were not given on coins but for cash which was very disappointing as this thing does not support me to work hard on games.

Following are a few snapshots which I just took right now before posting it.

First Tank:-

Second Tank

Third Tank

Fourth Tank

Fifth Tank

So ProFlashers:-
Any idea about this game?
Are you playing it or have you played it ever?
How was the experience? Which level did you went?
Any other thing you would like to share please go on :)



Anonymous said...

do you still play? plx add me also in your list..
how can i subscribe to your blog?

Addy Rash said...

plz leave your email add if anyone of you want me to add him/her in these games..

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