Oh Lord, the clouds are rolling in,
Perseverance wearing thin;
I need your presence by my side
To save me from this rising tide.

Pelting rains and thunders roll,
Oh Son and Light, shine through my soul;
Instill belief, purge, and refine,
Fill my mind; mold your design.

With “Peace, be still!” You calm each storm,
Even those so dull, lukewarm;
Hearts that lack the trust that saves,
Like Peter almost sank through waves;

But when his mind stopped looking away,
His eyes were fixed on Jesus to stay;
Soothed like the gusty winds and rain
With inner joy to relieve all pain.

Oh, God of peace, calm my storm,
Hear my cries, my heart transform;
Make me follow, draw me near,
Drown the doubt and crush my fear.

The crashing waves, consuming tears
Will heal my soul with hope that cheers;
When I try to walk alone, my way,
The dark will never turn to day.

But if I lean, trust, and obey,
The light of Jesus shines its Ray!
Beam through me, my silent Guest;
Calm my storm, I seek Your rest.

With a word, You calm the sea,
When you hear Your disciple’s plea;
Make me listen like the ocean,
Quick to respond to Your plans in motion.

Teach me to do my Father’s will;
Like a blazing fire, remove the chill;
Each test and strife comes from Your hand,
An Anchor to hold and make me stand.

Revive my heart to endure this race,
Oh, we of little faith need grace;
Mercy to lead us to that shore,
Where storms are calm forevermore!


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