Come, my love, I call for you!

Come sip champagne and feed me berries,

And we will chat all night and be merry!
Come, sweet love, I wish for you!

Come massage my skin with oils and creams,

Then sing to me and make pleasant dreams!

Come, dear love, I ache for you!
Come read love poems by the warmth of the fire,

And feed me chocolates to illuminate and inspire!

Come, my faithful love, I thirst for you!

Come dance with me by the clear moon light;

Let us kiss and embrace under the starry night!

Come, true love, I yearn for you!

Come, let me feed you grapes, my king,

While I rub your back and softly sing!

Come, my cherished love, I am here for you!

I give you my all...anything you ask me to!

I beg you to stay, and let us begin again!
I will put you first and make you happiest among men!

Come, love of my life, I am yours till the end!


Lynne said...

Welcome, Chochay! Thanks for joining!!

Lynne said...

Thank you for joining, Mr. Moron! Welcome!

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