Through many changes and passing seasons,
I admire you for endless reasons!
Your love is the highlight of my life;
I treasure each moment being your wife.

You still have that sparkle I love to see
The minute you come through the door for me!
My days are never, ever gray
For you are here, and here to stay.

I can go on with you in my heart,
For you’ll always remain and never depart!
You carry my burdens on your back;
There is not one good thing that I could lack!

Your love is music and joy that flows,
Growing and blossoming like the rose:
I love you with the breadth, smiles, and tears
From the depth of my soul of all these years;

My hero, my lover, my dearest, best friend;
My man I will cherish until the end!
Always bringing that sun out to shine;
Like the brightest star from Christ Divine.

Even amidst the ups and the downs
Of hills and valleys with laughter and frowns,
With Christ in the center, we will prevail!
Our bond is forever and will not fail.


Anonymous said...

It is lovely...
Hey Look what I have for you:P

"She met me on a full moon night
As I glanced at her sparkling eyes
The moon ensconce in the clouds
when she waved her hand to say me hiiiiii

My heart was pounding and my soul danced
As she put my hand on her palm
The doors of heaven had opened for me
As I followed my lovely Swan

Her breath was fresh as scent of rose
Her lips were red as berry O's
Her voice was sweet like the hummingbirds
Her feet were making the rocks turn into watercourse

Than I put my arm around her waist
It was the time to show her my strength
I jumped in the air to fly like super man
but I could not fly, got embarrassed though

She kissed me and looked deep in my eyes
and said with the deepest of her heart
My hero,my lover, my dearest friend
My man I will cherish you till the end!

She pulled me to the side and hugged me so tight
With a deep voice she said in my ear
Your love is the highlight of my life;
I treasure each moment being your wife"

Nelson Souzza said...

The blog is very good!

Lynne said...

Thank you very much!

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