Change my perspective
And open my mind,
No longer judging others
Or walking with the blind.

Because of the rebels,
The schemers on quests,
Peace is not shared;
I lose hope for the rest.

To those who are willing,
Why don’t I reach out,
Like to neighbors of color,
That’s what love’s about.

You loved the Gentiles
And Jews all the same,
Even the rulers
Who mocked Your own name.

I must reach deep down
And search my own heart;
Oh, give me the joy,
Don’t let it depart.

Each person that walks
In my path is from You;
What can You teach me
From those made by You?

If I live in fear
Or carry a grudge;
Or hold onto anger
And ignore and just judge;

I will not be following
After Your will,
The One who first loved me
And loves me still.

Instead make me take hold
And be a true friend,
And take others' hands
Sharing hope till the end.

Your grace has been given
To those who believe,
That You are the Savior
And never will leave.

When I share with the world
What You have given away,
May I still never forget
To follow Your way!


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