Yellow for friendship, joy, and delight;
Thornless or deep wine- love at first sight.

Coral shouts volumes of longing so new;

Pale peach sees modesty always in view.

Orange ignites with enthusiastic desire;

Pink says thank you, how much you’re admired.

White is heavenly, innocence, and pure;
Lavender is enchantment, yet can be secure.

Blue is for mystery, or an unreachable dream;
Dark red, for unconscious beauty, or so it would seem.

Red and yellow together show jovial cheer;

Red and white bonded signify unity shared.

Black, not often given, still says farewell;
BUT Red remains the favorite - true love, it always tells!



Carla Olson Gade said...

That's very sweet, Lynne! Did you write this recently?

cooking varieties (wan maznah said...

hi lynne, i like red roses, always have and will always will...
beautiful... i can visualze and smell your poetic roses
btw i like to rosebuds with honey
have a wonderful day

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