One rose, the number to my love at first sight;
Two roses, love mutual, my double delight!
When entwined together,
they say, “Please marry me!”
“If surely true love, then surely we’ll be!”
Three roses say
simply, “I only love YOU.”
Nine roses mean together and “ forever “I do!”
Ten roses- a miracle like the dark turns to day.
Eleven roses- a treasure, so grateful, we pray.
Twelve roses shout one dozen and passion on fire.
Thirteen roses- a friend for life and secret admirer.
Fifteen roses say, “I’m sorry ; I will learn harder to give!”

Twenty roses mean I will dig for that strength to forgive.
Twenty one roses mean I am devoted to ALL you do;
Twenty-four roses mean a full day always thought of you.
Thirty-three roses proclaims how my affection feels deep down;
Thirty six roses shows my love is head over heels all around.

Forty roses reminds him i will never forget the romance;
Fifty roses say my love is genuine at each single glance.
Ninety Nine roses mean I will never regret our love from above;

One hundred roses mean that as long as I’m here, it is YOU I will love!
But we shall not forget that one single rose of any color at all;
That will show our gratitude or break down any ole’ wall,
And will keep us alive to see that tiny red rosebud cheer the heart,
Symbolizing purity and loveliness, and its miraculous work of art.

No matter what message bears within the number of the rose,
Romance and beauty shine like stars, and the heart sparkles and glows.
So I will give you a rose, and will open your heart,

And life will remind us our love won’t depart!



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