You mean more to us than you’ll ever know,
God’s cherished gift given long ago;
Lead down a path to us one day
To bring you home with us to stay.
What a miracle and answer to constant prayer
Brought into our lives to love and share.
The first time we saw you,
Our emotions flew!
Those emerald eyes were a magical sight
You filled the room with such delight.
Tender hugs right from the start;
Sweetest voice to melt each heart.
Although you smiled, while dancing and swaying,
The sadness and hurt shined through your playing;
With tousled hair, black as a Raven,
You craved a home to call your haven.
We snatched you up as quick as could be,
And made you part of our family.
There were ups and downs to endure together,
But God brought us through every storm and weather.
Years have come and passed us by,

Memories saved and patience tried,
But you're still that beauty, hidden and seen,
But your joy has dwindled since turning a teen.
We have watched you adapt and learn and grow,
Pouring out love to some you know.
So active and giving;
But now pressured through living.

Challenges and changes together we have faced,
God has taught rare lessons on this journey and this race,
Put in our lives by our Father above;
Each case in His control teaching a deeper true love.
Your modesty, pizzazz, and energy not cold,
Yet struggling to give your life over and let Christ take hold.
Darling, learn and study His Word; Oh, how He cares!
Be a part of God’s family, a gift so rare.
Precious daughter, you are our princess we treasure with pride;
Our love for you is more than the earth so wide.

Dear, never forget that God’s love is SO great;
His devotion is mighty, and we must try to imitate.
Cling to Jesus every day before the years pass you by;
He is your Refuge and will always satisfy.
Trust in Him and obey His commands;
Serve Him and witness throughout the land.
Sweetheart, we have watched you start to grow
Into a young woman from this tiny little girl we use to know.
We will never forget putting your hair in fancy bows
Or bathing you and washing your fingers and toes;
Playing dress-up and letting you be the bride
Or just listening to your needs and holding you by our side.
So many memories to cherish and hold dear;
And many more to make year after year.

Just remember your forever family always loves you,
And God is with you in everything you do.
Your mother and father cherish you with all their hearts,
And their love for you will never depart!
Now take hold of the challenges that you greatly face,
Leaning on God’s daily sufficient grace.
You will never make it on your own,
So call for help and soften your heart no longer alone.
Lean on your Refuge day after day
And you will win this battle in every way!
Mom and Dad will be waiting for your safe return
And look forward to hearing all you have learned.
God’s Sovereign Will is at work in your life
Even through all the pain and the strife.
He is holding on tightly if you are His child;
Submit to His Will and live peacefully and mild.
Ask forgiveness from the One who died for me and you
The Savior who will cleanse your heart and make it brand-new!
We love you with all our hearts and souls!

Happy Birthday to our new sixteen year old!!
Never doubt our love and trust;
For we only love, because He first loved us!




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