To Err Is Human

To err is human
But don't err at me
If there I sit quietly
With a smile and glee.

Grit your teeth tightly
As the coldness takes hold
And you wish to spout off
Pipe down, Mr. Bold!

Who really deserves
the mean in your words
The tone in your voice
The stomp in your step?

The screech from the bat
That sends shivers so high
Or that poor cat in heat
Sounding like a baby's high cry-

I guess I'd rather hear that
Than words undeserved
From a friend who claims love
Yet speaks pitiful words.

So if you plan to spout off
Or say something today
Let wisdom come forth
Or joy make my day.

My moods need improving
Oh yes, I admit
So friend, we'll work together
And make our tongues fit.

Let's speak of the beauty of the rose in bloom
Or the sunrise escaping over the enchanting seas
Let's recall the waves that crash in the ocean
And not fail to ignore those ancient old trees.

Let's stand tall through the storms
Together we'll fight for peace
Shout victory and count our blessings
From God's love that will not cease.

But let's wave Good-bye to griping
And say Hello to God's Will
Greeting sunshine through the rain
Instead of looks that could kill.

For with a friend like you
And God of Hope by our side
What could go wrong,
Since He goes first as our Guide?

Let sin not shake us
But our Rock only make us
More like His character
And strengthen our trust.

To err is human,
So if you err at me,
Or if I err at you,
We'll let Jesus help us see.

Such a rare gift is a faithful friend
For God's the One who makes them blend
But it still takes work for a growing bond
God's hedge of protection is there till the end!



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