("Welcome" in his language)
We are so delighted to present to our readers a guest writer/ superior poet/
excellent English Major/ and our special friend named Suresh Shrestha who is on
our blog tonight “Menagerie!” (Enjoy your snacks and coffee, Suresh!!)
Lynne first met this kind man when they joined each others’ blogs, and both
exchanged a yellow friendship rose as a mark of friendship!
Then of course, Lynne told her blogger friend Addy all
about Suresh, and they became friends, too! :)

Suresh has two blogs of his own called “Waving Feelings” and “In Your Footsteps.”
He is from Birgunj, a city in Nepal, a South Asian Country, the Land of Mt. Everest,
which is the highest peak in the world! Absolutely breathtaking!!!!

Suresh is a Science Graduate and is completing his M.Ed. in major English
after a gap of several years. He has loved, dreamed, and craved English
ever since he was a little boy. You can even tell this by the way he speaks
so articulately and distinctively and playfully with the English language.

When he writes to me, I can’t wait to read his messages, because they are full of
whimsical fun and puns and hidden meanings and cheer, tossing in tons of
creativity to make my day....every single time!
He exquisitely blends what he has learned from his Science education,
experienced from reality and daily living, and has been taught about
the English language, and never leaves out the imagination either!

Yes, ALL is so perfectly blended in all his writings whether they are all
different kinds of poetry, stories and creative writing, paragraphs, etc., etc.
He is a multi-talented man, filled with gifts, when it comes to writing and speaking.

One of his blogs, “Waving Feelings” is so intriguing, and you won’t be
able to take your eyes off his work till you have finished reading and
diving into a good bit of it for a long while. It is just so interesting and
gets your mind wanting to think harder and deeper to figure out the
true meanings of his poem or story. It is a lot of fun to then read all
the comments people follow up with! I say to myself, “OOOH!!!
THAT is what he meant!” OR “He could have meant that!” OR "Hmm,
maybe he actually did mean what I was thinking!”
How he perceives things, may or not be how I perceive things.
But either way, if I leave a comment, he is so gracious, and loves the input!
"Waving Feelings" Blog:

The second blog he writes about is called “In Your Footsteps,”
which is quite different and still brings lots of joy and excitement.
Wait till you hear this!! - Suresh gets his ideas from a thought he may
have read from another post he has read from a friend’s blog!!!
Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I wish I had thought of it! lol
"In Your Footsteps" Blog:

His feelings vary on things, and when he is touched, he writes about it,
and with no intention whatsoever to hurt anyone, but simply to add some
curiosity and sense of humor, and just bring about smiles! Suresh loves to
make people SMILE! I think he would be devastated if he happened to unknowingly
hurt anyone! He is sooo careful with his wording.

So sit back, and enjoy this poem he has written for us! But first,
he will very briefly explain the inspiration behind it.

Thank you so much to our friend Suresh for visiting
our blog as our guest and writing this poem for us!
Visit his blogs to enjoy more:

"Dhanyabaad," ("Thank you" in his language) Suresh, for your extreme patience with me in
finally posting this work of art of yours!! We are now greatly honored to have
a piece of poetry called a creation of your handiwork on our blog!!!! Wow!!

...And to YOU, our readers,.... Thank YOU for coming and reading
and spending some time on the "Menagerie." It is a pleasure to have you
here with us! Hope you enjoy and come again!
New surprises soon! An extra nice giveaway coming very soon too!

(His poem is on the next page of poetry or directly below about "LOVE!")



Suresh Shrestha said...

Wow!! Such a marvellous welcome to me with mouth-watering breakfast[since it is morning time here now :)], sweetened by "SWAGAT CHA". Simply, I have been made wordless and left free to FEEL more than EXPRESS. If you don't mind, I don't know whether I deserve such a wonderfully great honor or not. But, :) I accept it open-hearted, since I feel the immense emotions and warmth of your lovely friendship or holy friendly love. I feel my heart won by such an overwhelmingly touching reception. Ohhh! "DHANYABAAD",.. got charmed! :))


Addy Rash said...

WOOOW... :-)

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