"LOVE: in the hearts of optimists!" (By Suresh Shrestha)

(The inspiration behind the poem. . . . .
“This is a keepsake offered to dear friend Lynne, perhaps an outcome of my listening and feeling the minds and hearts of the people I have found talking around about their lives and experiences bridged by love.” ) -By Suresh Shrestha

"LOVE: in the hearts of optimists!"

“Excuse me, what do you mean by love?”

‘Just in a single simple sentence – LOVE is a mystery! Do you believe it? Well, people are free to pick up or make a sense of it of their own choice. Of course, they are free; we are free, aren’t we? It is often heard that the people who are deep in love hold the PACIFIC of love within their hearts.’

“Doesn’t it all sound nonsense?”

‘No, it makes a clear sense!

Yes, it does.

Look, unless and until you have a big heart with love overflowing, how can you be said to have surplus love for someone special you love and how would you be called a lover? And, how come you are said to be deep in love?

It means when there is love in you, I mean “in your heart”, you are in love.

That’s why LOVE, as someone has defined, is a great MYSTERY.’

“OK! Shall we come up with some idea on it? Shall we declare love has no definition, since it is a mystery?”

‘Yes, it has not any particular definition, yet we could be hopeful for its countless definitions offered by many more lovers with the passage of time.

Love in the eyes of lovers obviously differs from love in the mind of pessimists.

And, now love in the hearts of optimists may have its own charm!

Just an acronymic attempt to serve!

Would you like to have a taste?

If YES, do go ahead, please!’

L advocates for LIGHT OF HOPE and it’s high time it ROSE!

So, those preparing to fall in love prefer to exchange a RED ROSE.

Your heart kindles the lamp of HOPE without letting your mind know.

Longing seeks its way to belonging, and as a NILE, you have nothing to do but flow.

The thoughtful mind may cautiously scan the daring heart in a great wonder.

Cos it has been tricked into a no-way-out maze just to wander and wander.

O justifies ORDEAL O

Countless challenges mushrooming around, you may come across.

True love is defiant and all set to glide ahead overcoming any nuisance.

Cos lovers have learnt nicely the ordeal may lay the SAHARA for them to cross.

V leads to

True lovers made for each other outgrow superiority showering LOVE to infinity.

The cherished gratitude and devotion are valued invaluable.

The holy tie grows unbreakable and the sacrifice of self-interests is incredible.

You may feel a sapling growing out of your soft heart - a feeling of equity.

Yes, that’s what LOVE is praised high and loved for forever - its real beauty.

E indicates EMERG

Genuine love is to grow up spiritually and be much more platonic.

Body is to mix into soil one day, but the immortal love is always sung for its fidelity.

Many may define
LOVE in many a way, yet the heart-soothing one is always unique.

By Suresh Shrestha.



Suresh Shrestha said...

Um.. Just taking some more time cogitating how to let my immense feelings out of my heart in the form of a comment. They all have been stuck at the exit point, since they have broken the queue and clung to BEFORE YOU, putting AFTER YOU aside.
"Let me first begin with hearty THANK-YOU to dear Lynne and Addy for making me so thankful by offering such a graciously warm touch to my simple attempt as a keepsake of friendship. Co-incidentally, the poem is about LOVE, and now I feel it all around us -holy, unseen, but deeply felt, for feeling is purer than expressing. And, now I am growing more optimistic for bigger smiles to share!"
Thank you so much! :))

Lynne said...

Thank you for sharing with us. It was so meaningful and touched our hearts!

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