Treasures in the dark,
Rich blessings through rain;
Clear beams God lets through,
During storm clouds of pain.

What lessons are taught
When sun fades away;
Our lives start to glow
And night turns to day.

He dashes our idols,
Our hopes, and our dreams;
But we trust in His wisdom,
For it’s not as it seems.

For when weather is calm
and the skies are all clear,
Our hearts become silent
With no trial to bear.

The mysteries of providence
Are held in His hand;
We await the secrets
As He unfolds His plan.

Thick fogs of despair
Force us to grow;
Rays shining through,
Forming a rainbow.

Like a white dove flies in,
God’s Word fills our souls;
Sending angels of mercy,
To cleanse and make whole.

Real victory of faith
Is to trust in the dark;
Rich treasures to gain,
The Christian’s true mark.

Through gust and strong winds,
We find treasures of gold;
Our ship never sinks,
For our Anchor will hold.


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