God's Mighty Grip

All is upheld by God’s Mighty Grip;
Nothing out of His plan can slip.
The strength of His palm holds the earth in place
And every planet suspended in space.
The sun revolves by His work each hour,
Only to fall if willed by His power.
He made the stars that twinkle and glow,
High in the sky, and never too low.
His fingers designed the falling snow flake,
But never too many, for His children’s dear sake.
He orders the gusty winds and breeze,
And commands the storms in the spacious seas.
God instructs the flame in the fire to burn,
Blazing with heat for man’s use to discern.
God trained the bird to fly with wings
And taught each song it boldly sings.
He controls the strength of the grizzly bear
And carries in His arms His lamb with care.
God’s strength builds the skyscraper tall,
Yet with a wisp of His breath, a tower will fall.
He is the strength that holds each flower upright
And is the hand that guards His children at night.
He provides the peace and safe protection
Around each child with such affection.
God’s arms of faith and mercy sustain,
As He teaches through pain, causing joy to reign.
He trains each soul in the grip of grace
And comforts the sick with His sweet embrace.
God’s powerful Hand made all of creation
And took no thought or contemplation.
All glory and honor and praises are due
To our great God above who is making us new!
He guides us in faith and leads the way,
Until we will join Him in heaven some day!
So,why would we ever let go of the Hand
That is leading us to the Promised Land?
Why would we ever lose His Hold
That will walk us through those streets of gold?
And why would we ever let go of His Grip;
With our hand in His, we will never slip!


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