There is a father who comes through the doorway
And smells like ink after printing all day!
He has loving words to always say
As bright and cheery as a sunny day!
He still has that sparkle I love to see,
As amazing as a crystal blue sea.
His beautiful features even capture my dull senses,
And his attributes leave me completely defenseless!
The busyness of the day has to stop,
As my heart soars up to the highest hill top.
If I don’t get my kisses, I simply will drop,
Because just to gaze into his eyes

Is magic for me and the ultimate prize!
His loving hands are oh, so strong;
One touch, and they make me know I belong.
This man is so wise and ultra smart
And loves his God with all his heart.
Each problem, he helps me quickly solve
And takes my mind off my cares that dissolve;
Talking for hours on end throughout life,
Growing together as husband and wife;
With patience, he bears through trials and strife.
He offers his constant support and advice,
Finding such joy to make a sacrifice.
Even though he is busy or working hard,
His family, he will never disregard.
This father is one of a kind.
He is, for me, the perfect find!
Even after twenty-five married years,
I am like gel in his arms when he holds me near.
This excellent man does beyond most,
Like preparing a meal without a boast,
And not complaining to help or clean,
Or disciplining children who are causing a scene.
He fixes their car when needs repair,
And points them to God and leads in prayer.
He loves his daughters with all his might
And shares with them his fresh, new insight.
He helps them communicate and properly respond,
Spending time with each to simply bond.
He teaches and gladly trains;
The things of God, he engrains.
He comforts his girls when they are sick,
Running to their aid instantly and quick.
This father and Dad who knows how to give,
Makes life so much easier to live.
I am thankful for the many ‘hats’ he wears!!
So grateful for his love and the way he cares.
I love him forever with all my heart
And better still, when we depart!
For when we reach eternity in heaven one day,
All will be perfect, and together, we will stay!
To the Daddy of our daughters-"Happy Father's Day!"
"You exceed them all in every way!"


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