"Poems of Comfort" By: Caroline Noel (1817-1877)

Caroline was a Godly woman and a great sufferer with a crippling and painful illness. These poems and many others are an outcome of her days of pain. She wrote a dozen poems when she was seventeen, and then didn't write again until she was forty. She continued writing till she went to be with the Lord when she was sixty years old. She was an invalid for the last twenty years of her life. She wrote a poem book for "The sick and lonely."

Give Thanks
When I give thanks to God, for all
His priceless gifts to me,
Believe that then, among the chief,
I give Him thanks for thee.
For all the love that He has rained
Upon me, from thine eyes,
That shine like stars above my storms,
Calm, though they sympathize.
There meeting, who can guess the gleam
Of rapture, that will rise,
When we the light of that fair realm
See in each others' eyes?
Sin, sickness, sorrow, chills of age,
And pangs of mortal fear,
Can never reach the land, where Christ
Has wiped away each tear.

Thine anguish cleanse my soul,
By Thy Passion make me whole ;
Weak and helpless on the Tree,
Thou didst gain the victory;
Weak and helpless as I lie,
Thou canst triumph, sin can die.

Search Me
Search me through, and nothing spare.
Burn the sin out that is there.
All that is of Thine and Thee
Quicken into energy.
Let Thy Love enlarge my heart,
Deepen, soften every part.

In the silence deep and still,
Bind me closer to Thy Will;
Earthly friends are far away,
Be Thou with me night and day.

My Highest Choice
Thou art my First, Lord! — my highest choice!
My will has yielded to Thee, and found rest;
By many a token sure Thou teaches me,
I love Thee best.

When evening clouds hang clustering round the sun,
And sad sweet memories make my heart their prey,
It swells again exultant at the thought
Of that great Day,

When Thou will come with clouds, that shall have caught
New and surpassing glories from Thy light;
The light that then shall rise for evermore!


Sealed for Life Eternal,
What mark is on thy brow?

The Cross of Him who suffered,
For thee, and with thee now.

Fear not, thy Captain whispers,
The conflict may be hard,

But I am thy Deliverer,
Thy Shield and thy reward.


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