DAWN (By: Noelle Beck)

Did you watch it sleep?
That soft thing,
Yellow thing,
A wisp,
Softly, slowly.

Did you watch it crack open the sky and yawn?
Escaping to kiss those petals gently waking.
Did you watch it
Tremble and quiver?
Illuminating all lines
Seeped through,
With darkness.
It bled and showered
All moments with recognition.

Did you see it?
It rained laughter on our bosoms.
And ripped through blackened calluses
To give death no binding victory.
It is there.

Can you hear it?
As a city breaks through
To come through,
As the real thing.
And here
No light is needed
But that suffering tear
Abolishing night.

Did you see it?
As he said it,
"Here, here
I will peel it away with my roaring breath,
This dark thing,
Black thing.
And that soft thing,
Yellow thing
Breaking through
To come through
Will dissolve these claws
So deeply driven in your sides. "

Listen and watch it come
Bringing out of that which
Was not,
To bring to nothing
Out of dust.


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